Highlighting IPMDC Programs

This Parkinson’s Awareness Month we’ve been highlighting our established programs while adding new ones.

We currently offer over 80 online and in-person,
educational, wellness and supportive programs each month

They are a direct response to your requests for ways to keep moving, learn more about living well with Parkinson’s, and connect with each other. We are grateful to partner with experts in Parkinson’s and other specialties who can help you to live your best life. 

For example, we’re excited to announce that we have arranged for a second weekly Dance for PD® class beginning May 1 with Lucy Bowen McCauley. This class will be in partnership with BalletNova Center for Dance in Falls Church. If you’re interested in attending please contact Sonia.Gow@inova.org to register.

All our programs are available at no cost to you,
and made possible due to the generosity of our friends in our community.  

THANK YOU! To all of you who have so generously expressed your gratitude through your donations, you have our deepest thanks for your support and kindness. Because of you, we’ve been able to offer this wide range of programs to meet the needs of so many people, not only here in Northern Virginia but around the world. Your gifts, and the growing number attendees, encourages us.

If you or someone you love is enjoying our programs and would like to support them, we invite you to go to www.ipmdc.org/donate. All donations to IPMDC are tax-deductible as Inova is a 501(c)3 organization.

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