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Local Students design special walker for people with Parkinson’s

Chantilly High Seniors Seek Patent for Automatic Walker Designed to Help Parkinson’s Patients

The Benefits of Rock Climbing for Parkinson’s Disease

The April/May 2022 issue of Brain and Life magazine features an article, Climbing up a Wall for Parkinson’s Disease. The benefits of rock climbing for Parkinson’s go far beyond the obvious physical ones that come to mind, such as strength and coordination.

The article features Teresa Bennett and Erwin Stierle, local climbers who participate in Upending Parkinson’s, a program developed for people with Parkinson’s by Molly Donelan at Sportrock in Northern Virginia. Dr. Drew Falconer weighs in too.

You can read all about it at:

We have a new author in our community!

It’s never too late!
Ellen is happy to report that after ten years, she has finally completed a mystery novel she began ten years ago. After retiring 11 years ago, she decided the first item she wanted to complete on her bucket list was to write a novel. Ellen’s mystery book takes place on one of the Sea Islands off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina.

The title, “To Heal the Tree” is available in Kindle or paperback form. The author is listed as Ellie Marco, Ellen’s penname.

 To purchase it, please click here

If anyone is interested in writing a book, Ellen  would be happy to give you the benefit of her experience. Please contact her via sonia.gow@inova.org.

Thriving With Parkinson’s: Finding Joy After the Diagnosis
Book by Teresa Leann Jackson

Available on Amazon:

Teresa Jackson is on a mission to raise awareness about Parkinson’s all year round! Her book, Thriving With Parkinson’s was published in March 2021, not long after she began producing her first series of podcasts.

Parkinson’s Pathway Pals Tuesday with Teresa

Click here to check out Teresa’s monthly podcasts.
Now in their second season and connecting with people from around the world.

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