Resources and Programs

For many people, a diagnosis of Parkinson’s can lead to more questions than answers. The difficulty with Parkinson’s is that when you take into account the variety of symptoms, the effectiveness of medications, age, how long someone has lived with Parkinson’s, progression, and other health conditions . . . all these variables combine to take each person on their own unique journey.

The internet seems to be a good place to begin looking for answers, but there’s a lot of old information that is still easily accessible, and it can range from being unhelpful to harmful. There’s helpful information too, but because much of it is generic, it leaves you to figure out how to find the people in your community who can help you.

As a center anchored in our community here in Northern Virginia, we offer the information on this website to help you with local resources. Because of the pandemic, our reach has expanded to other states and countries, so for those of you who live outside our geographical community we hope that our information will help you to find, or ask for, similar resources wherever you live. We are also happy to help you find those resources.

We’re posting the information on this website to help you find the answers that are most relevant to you. It is constantly being monitored and updated, so if you don’t see something you’re looking for please contact us at sonia.gow@inova.org.

Most of all, we hope that our message of hope will help, and inspire you, to live your best life with Parkinson’s.

Advancing the quality of life of those living with Parkinson’s
through education, wellness, and community.