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3rd Tuesday of each month from 2:oo – 4:00 pm (EST)

Being recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s can be experienced in many different ways. For some, it can be a shock. For others, it’s a relief to find an answer. Ultimately, each person’s path with PD is distinctive, but support is available to help you deal with the uncertainties your diagnosis may bring you.

Join us for a monthly online bootcamp program that will guide people recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s (within the last 5 years) to engage in better health, knowledge, exercise and lifestyle choices.

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Family, Friends and Work:
Managing the Dynamics of Relationships

July 19, 2022

Having a conversation about Parkinson’s with the different people in your life can be difficult at times. Whether you’re trying to explain the disease to your young child or grandchild, discuss it with your spouse, sibling and adult children or advocate for your needs at work, starting the conversation can sometimes be difficult.

Join Parkinson’s rehab specialists Josefa Domingos and John Dean for a discussion about tips for opening the discussion about different aspects of Parkinson’s with your family and close friends as well as others in your community. They will also discuss when and what to disclose to employers and how to ask for accommodations to improve your ability to succeed.

Your Exercise Strategy

June 21, 2022

• How do you know if the exercise you are doing is good enough for your Parkinson’s, and if not, what do you need to add or change?
• What is the perfect workout routine for specific problems (e.g. transfers, gait, voice) in PD?
• What if I can’t keep up the exercise routine I do daily, should I work outside the limits or change it?
• What do you do if you don’t like to exercise, or you have lost motivation?
• What if you prefer to do your favorite activity instead of an exercise someone is recommending you do?
In our 3rd session of the Recently Diagnosed Boot Camp from the Inova Parkinson’s and Movement Disorder Center (, hosts Josefa Domingos and John Dean will discuss how to build an exercise strategy, including identifying the “perfect for you” exercise strategy and how to modify your current exercise programs to maximize the benefit over specific challenges in Parkinson’s.

Building Your Team

May 17, 2022

How well do you feel your health professionals understand your condition and complaints? How does finding a doctor and a team who are experts in PD make a difference? Having the right team can go a long way to improving your day-to-day with Parkinson’s, not to mention having a positive influence on long-term progression of the disease.

In our second session of the Recently Diagnosed Boot Camp from the Inova Parkinson’s and Movement Disorder Center (, hosts Josefa Domingos and John Dean will highlight some of the key members of your team to help support you along the way, where to find them and how to ascertain whether they have experience and training in treating Parkinson’s. They will also discuss the benefits of interdisciplinary team treatment, key questions to ask your doctor or the team during a consultation and when to consider a second opinion.

Myths, Misconceptions and Misinformation

April 19, 2022

Because Parkinson’s is a complex disease that is often misunderstood, the “Recently Diagnosed Boot Camp” session on Tuesday, April 19 featured a discussion of “Misconceptions, Myths and Misinformation” in Parkinson’s. During this program, Josefa and John broke down common misunderstandings about Parkinson’s, highlighted red flags that can often be indicators of misinformation and did a walk-through reliable sources for Parkinson’s info.

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March 15, 2022

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