Patient Assistance

With Your Doctor
– MyChart

The best way to communicate with your doctor between appointments is to send a message through the MyChart portal.

If you’re not sure how to set up your account, or have questions about how to use it, please refer to

Communicating – deaf and hard of hearing persons

Our thanks to our friends at the Northern Virginia Resource Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Persons for this communication card!

A couple of apps for smart phones that can help with transcribing a conversation:
Live Transcribe (Android)
Otter (Apple)

Patient Support Programs

When paying for your medications at the pharmacy, you may find that the amount you’re being asked to pay is substantial. If that’s the case, please contact our office at 703-845-1500 and we can help you to reduce the cost.

Pharmaceutical companies also offer Patient Support Programs that can assist you.

Managing a Healthcare Crisis

Click here to watch the recording of Understanding Aging Life Care Management on the Positive Aging site.

To find an Aging Life Care Manager near you:

Heather Suri BSN RN CMC gave a talk on this topic in August 2022. Here’s her PowerPoint:

Legal documents

In her talk, Heather talks about certain legal documents that you will need to prepare. If you’d like to learn more about how an elder law attorney can help you, please click here to view webinars on the Positive Aging website.

Other resources are:
National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA)
National POLST for Portable Medical Orders

Discussion with Emergency Room Physician Brittany A. Lamb, MD

Click here to watch the recording.
Hosted by Positive Aging Sourcebook on 24 August 2022.

Get an insiders perspective on life in the Emergency Room and how we can plan, prepare, and adapt for ourselves, our loved ones and our clients

  • Learn how to make a plan for their care in advance, so you can act instead of react.
  • Know you made the best choices you could in the situations you were given. 
  • Gain control over the decisions you must make that will affect their life and yours.

Brittany Lamb, MD